Friday, 28 March 2014

Review: Addicted for Now

Addicted for Now
Addicted for Now by Krista Ritchie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, this was amazing! Another flawless book in this incredible series. I loved how the series started so strong and brutally honest. There was no holding back or sugar coating anything. It was blunt, painful and totally addictive! The best part was, it continued with the same intensity on to the next book in the series. It still captivated me and was full on engrossing. Then on to the 3rd book, this book. (I'm counting ricochet in the middle as it was a full length book) Right from the off, this book jumps in the deep end. Loren is back from his 3 month stint in rehab for alcoholism. Lily has done 90 days of abstaining and seeing a therapist. When they first see each other, after that break it's so intense and sad. You really realise just how much they love and need each other. The purpose of this instalment is to show them trying to cope with their addictions on the road to recovery whilst also helping each other. They still have major ups and downs. At times it's so sad, sometimes funny. Yet they have to deal through so much, and a big twist in this book! The love they have for each other is so strong and sweet. Perfect ending for them in this chapter. I can't wait to read Rose and Conners story next!! It keeps getting better.

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