Thursday, 27 March 2014

Review: All of You

All of You
All of You by Christina Lee

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Excellent book. I absolutely loved the twist from the norm. This time it's a male lead who is the virgin hanging on to his virtue instead of the female for a change. It made reading this book all the more enjoyable. Knowing it wasn't going to be the same as all the rest and leave me guessing the story before it happens.
It was a totally refreshing read and Bennett was adorable. I actually didn't want him to get togther with Avery to start with as she was far too glib about her sex life and I wanted Bennett to find someone as inexperienced as him. Butttt I soon changed my mind when you find out there are reasons behind why Avery is like the way she is with men, and she deserved a 'good'un' too.
Lots of hidden secrets and intrigue in the book. Also some interesting suspence. So all in all definatly not your usual run of the mill romance. Fantastic story!!

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