Thursday, 27 March 2014

Review: Catalyst

Catalyst by Jennifer Snyder

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

***I received a copy of this book, in exchange for an honest review***
There was a great idea to this story. Addison inherits a big old house with tons of character and secrets. She comes with her best friend Vera for the summer.
So that's where it all gets strange. She knows nothing of her biological mother (being adopted) yet she's left this house by her. Where her grandmother lived until she passed away, her mother never chose to live there.
So she doesn't get a warm reception from all the locals, some are quite cold towards her. She does attract some attention from one guy, Kace.
There is a connection between them and it seems to grow, from there he gives Addison information about herself to shock her and intrigue her.
She learns various things about her bloodline and about what and who she is. Somewhat exciting but also some scary things thrown in too.
Once the story kicks in, it seems to speed up a notch and some parts are only passed by not shown in depth. I would of liked to have seen some more of the relationship between Addison and Kace. It had such heat but we didn't get to see enough of it developing.
I was actually really getting gripped by it and loving where it was going when the end popped out of nowhere with it's annoying cliffhanger. The story was developing and I was suspicious of practically every character, plus scaring myself silly in the pitch dark. Then....Wham!!!! It finished.
It actually reminded me a little of the tv series The Secret Circle (which I loved).
Anyway, loved where this was going and can't wait for book 2. I need answers!!

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