Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Review: Dance For Me

Dance For Me
Dance For Me by Helena Newbury

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

I was lucky enough to have won this title through Goodreads first reads to be read and reviewed.
Wow. I started this last night and read the first 100 pages and it was a quick enough pace that I felt it flowed easily and the 100 pages shot by. I still hadn't fully made up my mind how I felt about it by then. The general synopsis was catchy and different. A talented and driven dancer, who hides her painful past beneath her strict routines. Meets an equally talented yet tortured millionaire with his own punishing routines and lifestyle. From there you see how they meet and immediatly are drawn to each other whilst battling with their own demons and secrets. It's sad how they both have been living and dealing in their own ways with their pasts. You always know these secrets will have to come out at some point and what will happen when they do.
So the first part is all about getting to know about the characters and how they feel about each other and themselves which all happened quite quick i thought. Then it seemed to pick up pace and suddenly the secrets were starting to be revealed and they were learning more truths about each other and ultimatly how they felt about the truths. It was nice as you knew they were slowly healing themselves through the connection they had.
The only thing I would say is, I found it was over too quick. Not really a bad thing, it's just I knew what had to happen and what needed to be revealed and I was running out of pages. I was left wishing there had been more pages with more of the getting to know you parts, they seemed to jump so quick from meeting to revealing all. At one point I was thinking, 'oh no bad ending I may feel unsatisfied by this' but it totally came through at the last minute and I was wowed by the book. Excellent read.

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