Wednesday, 26 March 2014

Review: Last Sacrifice

Last Sacrifice
Last Sacrifice by Richelle Mead

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Ok so last book and closure for so many different stories happening.
Such a lot happened in book 5, Dimitri is now no longer a strigoi having been changed back by Lissa with her healing powers which has made him idolise her and want to serve her, and in the mean time he wanted nothing to do with Rose when he realises how badly he treated and tormented her when he wasn't himself.
So all that was happening and then just to twist it up some more, The Moroi queen, Tatiana has been murdered and Rose is the lead suspect. She's thrown in the prison at court and is left trying to work out who really did it and why, also why she has been framed.
So onwards to her little team of friends and now family, being led my her fabulous Moroi father Abe, they are all in on a plan to help her out and get her out. So once she's been broken out and sent off to hide (with Dimitri, upon the wishes on Lissa, awkward much?) all her buddies back at court have a very small amount of time to work out who really did it. Rose also has some trails to follow herself, from a note the queen left her before she died. So everyone is on the hunt for info and people. All very exciting and full of action and suspense.
So I won't go on to give any outcomes and spoil the final instalment but I will say, I absolutely loved this book!!!! It completed a fabulous series and actually made me feel quite sad when it came to end.
Luckily there is the spin off books Bloodlines to hunt down. :)

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