Friday, 28 March 2014

Review: The Reluctant Dom

The Reluctant Dom
The Reluctant Dom by Tymber Dalton

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It's taken me a while to get back around to review this one, firstly before i say anything else....I did love this book and rated it 5, slightly generous but i was still trying to wipe the snotty stuff from crying so much.
Ok, so i do find BDSM stories intriguing so i wanted to see where this one would go. I must admit, i nearly gave up on it a couple of times to start with as i had a hard time really 'feeling' the characters. The majority of the time, the books i read are based around late teens to late 20 something characters, sometimes in the thirties. Never have i read a book where it was leads in their 40's. I have no age issues, (i'm heading fast in that direction myself) buuut i'm just so used to anything sexual in a book being around a certain age and i wasn't sure if i could get into it.
Anyway, i soon found that wasn't an issue. I didn't really think about it after a while. Another thing that bothered me to start off was...I couldn't get behind Leah, as a character i found her very weak to start with and i wanted her to have her own thoughts and feelings. I know it was part of her life to be submissive and a slave but sometimes i just felt she needed to break out of it and just get feisty. So i did find her a bit irritating.
Once Seth had made up his mind about helping Kaden & Leah out. Things started to get more interesting, Them showing and teaching him their lifestyle was really intimate and heartbreaking at the same time. Knowing the time was moving so fast and they had so much to show him made each page turn harder as you didn't know how much longer he had.
I especially loved how the relationships between them all developed, and grew so intense. The bond between the 2 men was heartwarming, they had no problem showing how close they were without it affecting their 'manliness' and it made it all the more harder to read on. Surprisingly the relationship between Seth & Leah turned out perfect for all involved. The actual BDSM theme of this book took a back burner most of the time to the relationship between the trio, obviously there was some scenes thrown in that weren't too bad on the scale of things. Generally they were there to show more of Leahs vulnerable side and background. It really was showing how the master and slave relationship goes so much more deeper then just throwing a whip about.
The last section of the book, when Kaden is shown to be deteriorating faster is when it totally knocks you out and you suddenly find yourself with a really bad cold and eye leakage *cough* ahem *cough* i couldn't put the book down at this point and was very cross with anyone who attempted to take my attention away, i needed to get my blubbering out the way so i could actually function properly again.
Sooo all in all, once it kicked off i absolutely loved this book and if you love a good heartstrings puller this is definitely for you.

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