Thursday, 27 March 2014

Review: The Silver Chain

The Silver Chain
The Silver Chain by Primula Bond

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

***I was lucky enough to win this on a first reads***

Well, I'm still torn on this book. Parts of it I absolutely love and parts of it tend to irritate me.
OK, so what I love about this book is how it follows the path of books I love and enjoy. The erotic adult nature, the millionaire dominant in control with secrets and darkness a plenty. I love the elements of BDSM in it, not really overpowering but enough to grip the reader and want to read more. I absolutely loved the setting, to start with i wasn't sure. It started off in the West country of the UK (my home) and i wasn't sure what i would think. Yet although the roots are set down there, it's mostly in London and although some parts are predominantly English (certain words, phrases) it actually doesn't seem much different to all the American written books i read) so i was happy. Gustav was sexy in an older, wealthy, secretive way. Yet I didn't like the way he spoke, the constant pet names and Similes and metaphors when addressing Serena which i thought made him seem older and old fashioned. They were used so much i had to skip them, it was cheesy and totally repetitive. Apart from that i really enjoyed the book, Serena was feisty and a great lead character and knew what she wanted. I still felt like there was plenty of things left unanswered at the end which is great because I'm desperate to read on. Also a big cliffhanger at the end which, for once i didn't see coming!!!
All in all a very good read! 3.5 Stars.

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