Friday, 28 March 2014

Review: Taking Over Me

Taking Over Me
Taking Over Me by Sara Brookes

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

*** I was lucky enough to win a copy of this book in a First Reads***

This was such an easy book to read, not especially short but for some reason I managed to read it pretty quick and was disappointed to reach the end.
Great background with a bit of change to the norm. Allison is a geek, she loves all the things that generally speaking get most lads drooling and she has a great job that she is good at and loves, working with many aspects of pcs and electronics. This is how she comes to meet Patrick, the co-owner of the new coffee shop, when she comes to his rescue to help sort out his ancient PC/till system in the shop on his first day.
From there they both find there is an attraction between them and maybe the hint of something more.
Through dual pov we learn from both sides what they think of each other. Patrick is an experienced Dom and sees in Allison the spark of a sub lying in waiting. Allison is not sure what it is she sees and feels when she thinks of Patrick but she knows it's intense and not something she has thought much about before in her desires.
So starts an intense relationship exploring new things for both of them.
I really enjoyed it, how the background was different from the norm and made things more interesting. But the BDSM side of the story was really good. After reading stacks of similar subject matter lately it's interesting to get a different take on it. The BDSM relationship in this book is very passionate but also really emotional and sweet (for lack of better word) which made it even more steamier and hotter in some respects, it's a different take from most of the books I've read lately and it intrigued me.
I also enjoyed the small amount from the other characters sharing 'The Sanctuary' and would love to read their stories, they all seem to have so many secrets and I loved what snippets we got from them.
A great read, full of action and emotion and of course hot, steamy stuff!!

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