Thursday, 27 March 2014

Review: Topping From Below

Topping From Below
Topping From Below by Laura Reese

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Well, where to start. Hmmm, ok so I'm one of those people who if someone says "don't look behind you", i do! Or when moving past an accident and you know you shouldn't look because it will make you feel horrid, but still you find yourself looking, well that's me with books as well. Someone says "OMG this book is really obscene I couldn't read it all, there are some really bad scenes that made me feel sick" so I'm like, "bring it on, I have to read this" That's exactly how I got to this book. All the reviews were ones of shock or disgust, only a few enjoyed it and everyone was mentioning "questionable scenes". So, of course me being me I had to hunt it down and read it immediatly!
Then, I had to do the stupid and weird thing of finding the said "questionable scenes" to see if they shocked me and if I could read the whole book.
So, 2 dodgy scenes found and read and I felt I could start at the beginning of the book and read it properly.
So, characters... hmmm i didn't like Franny, I tried to understand her and I just kept feeling sorry for her. She was treated like poo but just allowed it to happen, yes she had her very valid reasons but even so. It annoyed me. M or Michael, didn't like him. He was smarmy and and not realistic as someone 2 women would want so badly. Almost 50 and managing to have ladies falling all over him. hmmmm. I liked Nora, she was fiesty, confident and determined and easy to read about. The story was addictive and I did find myself wanting to find out who the murderer was. The BDSM element of the book didn't really drown the story, there was a few key scenes and yes they probably weren't to everyones taste but they weren't so sordid I had to skip parts or give up on the book. They were important to the story to prove the extremes the characters were made to go to prove various points to themselves or each other.
I found the style of writing was quite addictive to get hooked in to thier world.
Yes, this book was very dark and there's no feel good element to it, but it was compelling and addictive. I'm not sure that saying I enjoyed it would be correct but I had to read it and I'm glad I did.

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