Thursday, 27 March 2014

Review: Truth

Truth by Aleatha Romig

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Wow, yet again i was totally blown away by this book. Right from the first page i was totally gripped. There is so much action going on at all times i had to take a breather and have a think about what i thought had happened or was happening. You get thrown from one revelation straight in to another.
I must admit i was also in turmoil over Claire. It was a love hate relationship for me. At the beginning i absolutely loved the new, strong and ballsy Claire. She had come back fighting from her ordeal and was so much better for it. Yet, little by little Tony ended up turning her whole new personality around and made her question what she wanted. It annoyed me how easily she could push aside what Tony had done to her and her loved ones. I know she can't turn off the way she feels/felt about him but i still felt she was far too easy on him. She really didn't make him work for anything. It was like when she was around him she lost all reason and her intentions.
I was also incredibly thrown by the last portion. I wasn't expecting it to happen, it came out of the blue. I knew who everyone was, the characters were easily hinted at but i never suspected that the one person who remained as a shoulder for Claire to lean on would have such a hidden agenda. It was surprising but very well thought out.
Again the writing style and depth of everything within these books are incredible. Nothing is missed out or forgotten so much is taken into account considering how many years this whole story covers. It truly is amazing.

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