Monday, 11 January 2016

Blog Changes for 2016!

2016 is here and already in full swing, and it feels like months ago since we were hanging up the dec's and fighting with the tree. But nope, it's only been a couple of weeks. Well we all hope you have had a fantastic end to 2015, and have some great things planned for 2016, by things we mean books to read of course. ;)

SBR Blogs is starting off 2016 in epic style, by going through some huge changes. Just to let you know what we are in process of doing, I will give a brief rundown.

Seraphim Book Reviews was once a book review, author/book chat only blog/page. It is now going to be our Contemporary Romance blog. It will have a bit of everything, including news, reveals, sales, chat, promo, and of course reviews of our fave contemporary reads. So for any popular new releases, or regular book info, that is the place to go. 

Which leaves our other blog, Dark Seraph Book Blog. Originally DSBB was a promo only blog, with no reviews. But we didn't feel it was truly having much of a benefit, and we didn't need a promo only blog. So with Seraphim Book Reviews combining promo and reviews of Contemporary Romance books, that freed up Dark Seraph Book Blog to become a Paranormal Romance only blog. Over half of us who work on SBR Blogs, are big Paranormal Romance fans, and would love to be able to give the genre the attention it needs. Now obviously that doesn't just mean Paranormal Romance and nothing else, it means any otherworldly styles. So Dystopian, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Urban Fantasy lovers will come to see their favourite authors and books being showcased and pimped out over there. Plus plenty of reviews of these particular types of books, if you like to check things out before 1-clicking. 

So that is where we are up to so far. The move is behind the scenes, and one minute things will be normal, then all of a sudden something will miraculously change, but we are doing it as smoothly as possible. If you prefer Contemporary/NA/Adult/Erotica/Dark Erotic and all genres like those, then Seraphim Book Reviews has all of that, and you will be able to find everything you need here, or request for reviews/promo help. Or If you, like us, love a bit of the strange and unusual bumps in the night, then head on over to Dark Seraph Book Blog, and we will keep you informed of all the best and new releases to get your fix! 

Thanks for reading, and for following us. 
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