Friday, 1 June 2018

REVIEW - Before Him Comes Me - Alexandria Sure


TITLE - Before Him Comes Me
AUTHOR - Alexandria Sure


Faced with an unexpected choice, a simple nod is all it will take to change the course of Zara's life. 

Bound to a life predetermined by the restrictive traditions of her community, Zara is offered a glimmer of hope by a complete stranger, a man selected for her. She can choose to walk away from the life she has been trained for.

Make new friends and lose her best friend.
Explore new places and lose her home.
Find herself and lose herself. 

Will Zara nod and risk everything she knows to discover who she is meant to be?


Although this book is BDSM theme it is not an erotic/a genre. No Sex scenes invovled, BHCM is categorized as a NA Contemporary Romance Genre.

Jennifer's Review:

What a refreshing look into a popular subject! I will admit that I was skeptical about how I would feel about Before Him Comes Me at first. I feel like stories that contain BDSM lifestyles are hit or miss for me. I am so beyond glad I gave this one a shot. It wasn’t anything like I expected. This story explores a lot of things I never considered. It opened my eyes.
The plot of this story is unique on its own. Zara is faced with a choice. Continue to live the only life she has ever known or make a brave choice and face the consequences? No matter what choice she makes, it will change her whole life one way or another. Man this plot was gripping. When I started this book, I planned to just read a couple of chapters before I had to go back to the real world. I found myself addicted to the story quickly and devoured each chapter.
Zara is such a special character for me. I loved her story so very much. Even if you don’t understand or live in a similar lifestyle as Zara, I think at some level, everyone can understand her journey. At one point or another, you have felt the pressure to become something or someone. Sometimes that pressure didn’t align with what you wanted and other times it did, but the pressure still affects you. I think that’s what we learned from Zara’s journey in this book. Our main guy in this book is amazing as well. At first, I didn’t want to like him. There were things about him that I personally wasn’t sure I could get behind. He grew on me though and now I can say I love him.
There is heat in this book, even if its not the expected kind. Get those naughty thoughts out of your head. The heat in this book is more of a slow burn. I think every story begins with an attraction and the journey of building on that attraction is what makes the story. This author did an amazing job of getting me invested in this story.
The writing style of this story was great. The pace was steady for the most part. The author utilized time jumps. I felt everything that was happening was organic to the story. I loved the characters. I also loved the setting as well. This story takes place mostly in Michigan, which is my home state, so I feel that made me feel much more invested in this story.
Overall, I really enjoyed Before Him Comes Me. This book blew my mind. If you are unsure about it because of the title or maybe that the content might not be for you, I can tell you I felt the same way. I was hesitant, but this story is more than what it seems. This story really encompasses what I feel a true journey to discovering about life is about. I would recommend this to others.
Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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