Friday, 1 June 2018

REVIEW - The Crown Princess - Kathleen Samuels


TITLE - The Crown Princess
SERIES- The Royals of Cordova
AUTHOR - Kathleen Samuels


Dependable Crown Princess of Cordova, Gwen, is dreading the day she gives up her life for her country. With the day of coronation looming, Gwen decides to make a bucket list of crazy things she wants to do before the big day. Taking her list, she travels to Las Vegas, a place where no one will question wild behavior and she can be just another normal person on vacation in Sin City. Enlisting the help of Alex, a notorious entitled playboy, she finds herself checking off more than just the items on the list. 

Is she willing to risk it all and take a chance at falling in love? 

Fiercely independent Alex, the black sheep of his family, was raised in the hotel business. Breaking out on his own, he built a successful Resort and Casino on the strip in Las Vegas. When Gwen asks for Alex’s help on completing her list of ‘bad girl’ activities, he readily accepts. Who else knows how to let loose but the Billionaire Playboy himself? 

But as he starts helping her with the list, he begins to realize that this Princess might be worth trading in his ‘bad boy’ image. 

Johnaka's Review:

“Before taking the crown, 4 stars”

Gwen wasn’t supposed to take the crown but here she is about to do just that. she was always the well behaved one when compared to her siblings so in a’ way it’s fitting she’s about to rule after her older brother stepped away from the crown and his country. But just once she would like to do something she wants to do instead of being constricted by duty. When her younger brother recommends a vacation, she decides to do just that, only she finds a lot more than fun while in Vegas.
Alex is the black sheep of his family. He has made a name for himself and he has no qualms about it. He isn’t one for relationships but lately he’s over the one-night stands. Then his friend Cooper introduces him to Gwen and things start to change. He doesn’t know much about her, but she intrigues him. Will he find love with her or will her secrets keep them apart?
The Crown Princess is a fast pace love story. It takes place is just over a weeks’ time so if that’s not your jam that I would back away now. Overall, I enjoyed the story and where Samuels took it. My problem was the ending and that was only because it was a little too abrupt for my liking. But if you love a good princess story you may want to check this one out.
Writing style-4/5