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REVIEW - Playing Dirty - Lauren Hawkeye


TITLE - Playing Dirty
AUTHOR - Lauren Hawkeye


His guiltiest pleasure. She's wild, wicked...and pure sexy trouble.It takes a nanosecond for Beth Marchande to see that Ford Lassiter worships rules and order. Yet behind his leonine eyes, this gorgeous but tightly wound man is hiding something much deeper than lust. He's hiding a deliciously raw, hungry need to take control while Beth relinquishes hers. But for this wild, fierce woman, there's no holding back his matter the cost. 

Louise's Review:

Playing Dirty is the first book in a series based on each of the Marchande Sisters. Playing Dirty has it all Love, Dominance and Respect. There is a 5 year time jump which shows how quickly personal situations change.

Beth is not who you think you would see when you walk into a Auto Repair Shop, A woman with tattoos that doesn’t take crap from anyone, including a gorgeous suit wearing Porsche driving dominate man. Ford is a very successful self-made millionaire with everything he could ever want out of life, who would have thought a clunking noise in his pride and joy would change the course of his and Beth’s life forever.

Beth is a honest hard-working independent woman, she doesn’t take charity and knows what she wants from a man. She has all the time in the world for her family, she would go to the ends of the earth and back to keep what they share together. Ford is the owner of a chain of hotels which have made him very rich, he lives his life that is socially excepted in his social circles. His true desires kept hidden, which is something he realises will hold him back from being happy.

From the moment Beth and Ford met their chemistry was on fire. They came together with so much sexual tension I even wanted to blush. Their private scenes were hot and heavy, together they bought out their true desires which lead to some very steamy chapters leaving you wanting more.

Lauren went between the 2 characters seamlessly, she expressed each character so perfectly you felt that you could relate or be part of the book. Having a time jump early on in the book isn’t a easy task and I felt that Lauren wrote it perfectly, leaving me hanging on every word.

This is my first Lauren Hawkeye book and I cannot wait to read about Beth’s 3 other sisters Amy, Jo and Meg. Lauren set up a solid path for these characters in her future books. This was a fantastic book with lots of character and depth, I can’t wait to see where Lauren takes the rest of the series.

**Reviewed for Seraphim Book Reviews**

Plot: 5/5
Characters: 5/5
Heat: 5/5
Writing Style: 5/5
Overall: 5/5

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