Friday, 1 June 2018

REVIEW - Smiling Irish - Katy Regnery


TITLE - Smiling Irish
SERIES- The Summerhaven Trio
AUTHOR - Katy Regnery


Tierney Haven and Burr O’Leary come from completely different worlds…

…but there’s a reason they say “opposites attract.”

Bookish Tierney Haven has always preferred places to people, and she especially loves the peace and quiet of Moonstone Manor, an estate museum located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, where she is head docent, chief historian and live-in caretaker. The very last thing she expects to find on the doorstep at midnight is bruised and bloodied stranger, Burr O’Leary, in desperate need of her help.

Against her better judgement and at the risk of her brothers’ wrath, Tierney offers Burr sanctuary at Moonstone Manor, and nurses him back to health, surprised to discover that the dashing, enigmatic stranger loves the history and peace of Moonstone as much as she. But Burr has a dark history, and those who hurt him will stop at nothing to eliminate him...placing Tierney in grave danger until he is well enough to find them first.

Johnaka's Review:

“Unexpected love, 5 stars”

Tierney is an introvert and is happy being on her own and with her brothers. Or she was, now she’s starting to second guess. Tierney is starting to feel the depth of her solitude and after watching Rory fall in love she wants that for herself. Will the isolation she put herself in hurt her pursuit of a suitor or will one magically fall into her lap?
Burr doesn’t know anymore of he’s one of the good guys or the bad. He’s been living in the dark for far too long to know without a doubt. He doesn’t remember barging in Tierney’s house but he’s glad he did. There’s something about her that calls to him, but his life is far too messy to drag her into. Then again it may be too late. Will these two get the chance to be together or will they be passing ships?
There is one thing you need to know about the Irish and that’s that they are clannish. Once they claim you there is no going back. Both Burr and Tierney are loyal to a fault. Smiling Irish has a little bit of suspense to a great story about finding love and change. I loved how Tierney appears to be sweet and docile but once you tick her off its game over and you better hope there isn’t a spatula near. Burr finds that he craved the quiet she provides after being in the dark for so long and they manage to build something beautiful.
Take a chance on Smiling Irish, I’m sure it will give you a reason to smile. I cannot wait to see what Regnery does for the last Haven sibling and his story.
Writing style-5/5