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An image undoubtedly is passed around and around when an individual duplicates or copies something. That something can be sounds, frames of mind, and even developments. When we are told something, we probably won't discuss a similar sentence word from word to somebody, however we most likely pass portions of it to the person. This is a case of an image. "We people, in view of our forces of impersonation, have turned out to be only the physical 'have' required for the image to get around" (37). The image utilizes us to make itself known to the world. For this situation, we have no influence over ourselves or the image and let the image get around. It is prevalent and commands our considerations and thoughts.

The qualities fight and the ones that success, live and the ones that lose, bite the dust. Also, the images battle and the image that succeeds lives and the image that loses, ceases to exist. All together for the image to win, it utilizes people as rock…

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